Your First Visit

Our office will mail you necessary paperwork to your home address after you have scheduled your first appointment with us. We also have the forms online, if you scroll to the bottom of the page so you can fill out and print at your own leisure. Please have these forms completed before you arrive for your first visit. If you do not receive the paperwork in the mail, we ask that you arrive ten minutes prior to your appointment so that this may be done in a timely manner.

Your initial visit will last approximately one half hour. Our doctors and staff strive to make this visit relaxing, comfortable, and most of all… fun! Our office is sports-themed, complete with everything from stadium seats in the waiting room to soccer, football, and dance-inspired rooms. And don’t forget to visit the overflowing prize drawer on your way out!

During the examination, our doctors will provide you and your child with oral hygiene instructions and individual instructions on how to best care for your child’s teeth. In most cases, your child will also receive a teeth cleaning, and the doctors will thoroughly discuss any existing dental problems and proposed treatment.

Tips for preparing your child for his/her first dental visit:

  1. Don’t overreact or mislead: It is normal for a young child to attempt to avoid new experiences. If you act calm and collected about the experience and do not appear nervous, the child will most likely feel eased as well. Children can very easily sense when others are anxious or apprehensive. Also, is it important to be truthful with your child about their dental visit so that they gain your trust and ours.
  2. Use “kid language”: When talking to your child about his/her first dental visit, do not use frightening words such as “needle,” “tools,” or “hurt.” At our office, we use words such as “sleepy water,” “Mr. Thirsty,” and “tooth counter.” These terms are easily understood and accepted by children and will help to alleviate any anxiety the child may have.
  3. Be a good model: When children see their parents or siblings doing something well, they often want to emulate that behavior. When you are brought into the doctor’s room, the doctor may ask you to sit with your child in the chair or to put your child on your lap. This may help to comfort the child as the doctor begins the examination. In some cases, the child may be more successful if the parents or siblings are out of view. Our doctors do their best to work carefully to meet your individual child’s needs. It is important to “go with the flow” and to model appropriate behavior for your child. This will help to make his/her visit as positive and successful as possible.